Electric Road Bicycle OS-R3

This electric road bicycle is an efficient, eco-friendly, and enjoyable mode of transportation,offer fun and practical way to get around,designed for use on pavedroads and highways.
Max speed:40km/h
Max range:100km
Gears:Chain transmission
Brake:Front and rear disc brakes
Maximum load:120kg
Max Gradeability:25°
Charging time:4-5h
Tire size:700*42C
Product size:1830mm*480mm*1050mm
Net weight:19.2kg

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Product Profile

The Electric Road Bicycle is a cutting-edge two-wheeler designed for the modern commuter. With a powerful 36V 10.4Ah battery, it provides a thrilling riding experience while covering a remarkable distance of up to 100km on a single charge. Its 36V 350W motor propels you to a max speed of 40km/h, making it perfect for zipping through city streets.
Equipped with chain transmission gears, this bicycle offers smooth and efficient pedaling. Safety is paramount, and the Electric Road Bicycle features front and rear disc brakes, ensuring quick and reliable stopping power. It can tackle steep inclines with ease, boasting a max gradeability of 25°.
Charging the battery is a breeze, taking just 4-5 hours to reach full capacity. The 700*42C tires provide stability and grip, enhancing your control on various road surfaces. With dimensions of 1830mm480mm*1050mm and a net weight of 19.2kg, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and performance.
Experience the future of cycling with the road electric bicycle, where power, speed, and style converge to redefine your daily commute.

Name Specification
Max speed:
Max range:
Chain transmission
Front and rear disc brakes
Maximum load:
Max Gradeability:
Charging time:
Tire size:
Product size:
Net weight:

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Equipped with a robust electric motor, highway electric bike effortlessly conquer steep inclines and enable riders to maintain high speeds on the open road. The lithium-ion battery provides an impressive range, ensuring you can commute, tour, or simply enjoy a thrilling ride without worrying about running out of power.
Safety features like advanced braking systems and LED lights make highway electric bikes ideal for urban commuting and long-distance rides. They offer a green alternative to gas-guzzling vehicles, reducing your carbon footprint while promoting a healthier lifestyle.
With sleek designs and comfortable riding positions, the Highway Electric Bike cater to commuters and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're tackling daily traffic or embarking on a weekend adventure, a highway electric bike offers a sustainable and exhilarating way to navigate the asphalt.

Road Adult Electric Bike

The road adult electric bike is the perfect blend of fitness and convenience for those who want to maintain an active lifestyle while commuting or exploring the outdoors. The electric bikes combine the benefits of a traditional road bike with the added power of an electric motor.
Designed with durability and agility in mind, road adult electric bikes are lightweight and feature a streamlined frame, making them ideal for zipping through city streets or conquering challenging terrains. The electric motor provides a boost when you need it most, whether it's tackling steep hills or maintaining speed on long rides.
The integrated lithium-ion battery offers impressive range, ensuring that you can enjoy a full day of riding without worrying about recharging. Many models come with multiple pedal-assist levels, allowing you to customize your workout and conserve battery power as needed.

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The men's electric road bike is the pinnacle of modern cycling technology tailored specifically for male riders. It embodies the perfect fusion of traditional road biking and electric assistance, catering to men who seek performance, style, and efficiency in their rides.
Crafted with precision, the electric bikes feature a robust electric motor seamlessly integrated into a sleek frame. This motor provides a powerful boost, enabling riders to tackle challenging terrains and maintain impressive speeds. The men's electric road bike is engineered for maximum performance, making it an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts and commuters alike.
With a dependable lithium-ion battery, electric bikes offer substantial range, allowing riders to go the distance without worrying about running out of power. Adjustable pedal-assist levels and intuitive control systems make it easy to fine-tune your riding experience to your preferences.

What is an electric road bicycle?

An electric road bicycle, also known as an e-road bike, is a type of bicycle equipped with an electric motor to assist the rider while pedaling. It's designed for use on roads and offers varying levels of motor assistance to make road cycling easier and more enjoyable.

How fast can an electric road bicycle go?

The speed of an electric road bicycle can vary, but many e-road bikes can reach speeds of up to 28 to 30 miles per hour (45 to 48 kilometers per hour) when using the electric assistance. However, the top speed may be limited by local regulations.

What's the range of an electric road bicycle?

The range of an electric road bicycle depends on factors like the battery capacity, terrain, and the level of assistance used. On average, e-road bikes can have a range of 40 to 100 miles (64 to 160 kilometers) on a single charge.

Do I need a license to ride an electric road bicycle?

In many places, you do not need a license to ride an electric road bicycle, as they are typically classified as electric bicycles (e-bikes) with pedal assistance. However, it's important to check local regulations, as they can vary.

Are electric road bicycles suitable for long-distance cycling?

Yes, electric road bicycles are suitable for long-distance cycling. The electric motor assistance can help riders cover longer distances with less effort, making them a great choice for endurance rides and touring.

How do I maintain an electric road bicycle?

Maintaining an electric road bicycle involves regular check-ups of the battery, motor, and other components. It's important to follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines, which may include cleaning, lubrication, and periodic battery replacement.
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