Electric City Bike DP-2010

Discover the Electric City Bike, an efficient urban transportation solution. Key features include:
Aluminum alloy front fork with dual suspension for a smooth, comfortable ride.
QIHANG Hub Motor with 48V/1200W output, ensuring powerful acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities.
Dual 48V/15AH batteries for an extended range of 90-100 km on a single charge.
Max speed of 50 km/h for swift and efficient commuting.
Hydraulic disc brakes and a 7-speed SHIMANO gear system for precise control and handling.
Durable aluminum alloy frame, supporting a max load weight of 115 kg (253.5 lbs).
CHAO YANG 20''x4.0 tires, aluminum alloy front fork, and dual suspension for a comfortable ride on rough city streets.
Experience the perfect blend of performance, durability, and comfort with the Electric City Bike.

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Product Profile

Introducing the Electric City Bike, a reliable and efficient mode of transportation designed for urban environments. This bike boasts an aluminum alloy frame, providing a sturdy and durable build while keeping the overall weight of the bike manageable.

The SHIMANO XT50 7-speed hydraulic disc brake system ensures precise and responsive braking, giving you peace of mind and control during your rides. The 7-speed gear system allows you to tackle various terrains and inclines with ease.

Powering this city commuter electric bike is a QIHANG Hub Motor with a robust 48V/1200W output, offering impressive acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities. The dual battery setup, consisting of two 48V/15AH batteries, provides an extended range of 90-100 km on a single charge. The added redundancy of dual batteries ensures you won't be left stranded due to a dead battery. Recharging the batteries takes approximately 10-11 hours.

The HUIKONG 811 colorful LCD display keeps you informed of essential ride data, such as speed, distance, battery level, and gear position. The 20''x4.0 CHAO YANG tires, combined with the aluminum alloy front fork and dual suspension, deliver a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough city streets.

This green city electric cycle has a maximum load weight capacity of 115 kg (253.5 lbs), making it suitable for a wide range of riders. Additional features include integrated front and rear lights for safe nighttime riding and a convenient rear rack for attaching panniers or baskets.

the Electric City Bike offers a powerful, efficient, and comfortable commuting experience. Its durable construction, long-range capabilities, and high-quality components make it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable electric bike for urban transportation.

Name Specification
Aluminum alloy frame
Brake Speed gear:
SHIMANO XT50 7-speed Hydraulic Disc Brake
Rear Motor:
QIHANG Hub Motor 48V/1200W
Dual Battery:
Max Speed:
Max Load Weight:
Charge Time:
HUIKONG 811 Colourful LCD
CHAO YANG 20’’*4.0
Aluminum alloy front fork with Dual Suspension
Product size:

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Ladies Electric City Bike

This Ladies Electric City Bike is designed with the specific needs of female riders in mind. This elegant and practical electric bike offers a comfortable and stylish way to navigate city streets. With a step-through frame, it's easy to mount and dismount, making it perfect for women of all ages. The bike features a powerful electric motor that provides smooth and reliable assistance, allowing you to effortlessly tackle city commutes or leisurely rides. The Ladies Electric City Bike also includes practical features like a built-in basket or rack for carrying groceries or personal items, ensuring convenience and functionality. With its comfortable saddle and easy-to-reach handlebars, this ladies electric town bike is not only functional but also comfortable for long rides. Whether you're running errands or enjoying a scenic ride, the Ladies Electric City Bike is a perfect companion for any urban adventure.
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